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Geri McCarter "Coach G"


About The CEO

Geri McCarter "Coach G"  is a Baltimore native and an alumna of the illustrious Coppin State University (CSU). In Spring of 2015 she graduated with a Bachelor's of Science in History and Secondary Education and a Minor in Special Education. Coach G's mindset is that every child wants to learn and is teachable. By combining her more than 10 years experience as an educator with her love of movement, specifically step Coach G's mission is to show the world how step positively transforms and uplifts the mind body and soul.

Coach G's belief in step and its trans-formative power is personal. During her time as an adolescent at Woodlawn Middle School and Milford Mill Academy Coach G struggled academically and emotionally. School was not a priority and her future looked bleak. After happening upon step practice one afternoon, her world was transformed. She was struck by poise, confidence, and precision with which the girls executed their moves. She decided that she wanted that: confident and proud. And thus shortly thereafter, she tried out and became a member of Self Esteem Enhancement  (S.E.E.)  step team. The most impact of her coaches and mentors at Woodlawn Middle School was Mr. James Simms and Adrienne Watson Carver. These two people helped Coach G see life differently and take education more serious. What is interesting about that is they helped her do this outside of the classroom. They also assisted in seeing step as more than an after school activity but as an opportunity to meaningfully express oneself. Under Mr. Simm's tutelage, she committed herself to working and training hard to master step beyond just the high school level and eventually became step master and graduated high school. In 2012 thanks to Adriennes mentorship and influence she became a member of the illustrious Zeta Epsilon Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. Leading her chapter in her senior year as President the chapter won Sorority of the Year, A national award for their AIDS awareness program and the Homecoming Step Show. She was individually awarded the Coppin Eagle Award the highest honor by the office of student activities at Coppin State University. This determination and focus eventually paid off as in the fall of 2015 she to fulfill the role of step coach to the Lethal Ladies of the Baltimore Leadership School for Young Women (LLOB). She had big shoes to fill given the talent and discipline of past coaches and that team members were mostly seniors in high school (17 and 18 years old). They were already trained and experienced steppers and performers. Coach G's acumen and tough love approach to leadership and instruction was put to the test as she was tasked with transforming these assemblage of girls who stepped as a hobby into a team of purpose-lead award winning steppers. Shortly after her arrival, Coach G successfully lead LLOB through their first undefeated season and also began to build on her life skills model.

On March 26th 2020 in the beginning of an international pandemic, when people where not too sure about tomorrow Coach G knew she had a greater purpose and was VERY sure about making an impact in Baltimore City's youth. She founded Coach G Academy, Inc and began building programming, structuring curriculum and changing the lives of youth in Baltimore. The Mission of Coach  G Academy, Inc. is to use STEP to engage youth into education, leadership and mentoring. Since inception she established Baltimore's FIRST and  ONLY Citywide STEP team Fatal Attraction Step Squad. Fatal Attraction has been featured on CBS's the activist, Apple TV's Swagger and have performed at Maryland's most Prestigious events including Preakness, AFRAM and The Swearing in Ceremony of Governor Wes Moore. 

Coach G is a wife, mother, teacher, mentor and coach she enjoys spending quality time with her family advocating for youth from the womb to adulthood. Though she has experienced many successes having choreographed and performed at large events and magazines her most proud performance is for former first lady Mrs. Michelle Obama on 2 separate occasions. Along with being a devoted mother she enjoys community series, cooking, and indulging in a Baltimore tradition eating crabs  She is a self proclaimed Mommynista and Naturalista  has a personal VLOG about being a Millennial mother. 

About The CEO

  • Lethal Ladies Performance Michelle Obama  NYC College Signing day-Choreography

  • 2016 City Neighbors "Bmore's Finest Competition"  1st Place participation- Choreography

  • 2017 City Neighbors "Bmore's Finest Competition"  1st Place participation -Choreography

  • 2019 City Neighbors "Bmore's Finest Competition"  1st Place participation- Choreography 

  • Bowie State Annex Center Black History Month Competition NGUZO SABA 7 signs of stepping Participation- 1st Place Choreography  

  • 2016 Omega Psi Phi Fraternity "Who's the Best in the DMV"Step competition 1st place - Choreography 

  • 2017 Omega Psi Phi Fraternity "Who's the Best in the DMV"Step competition 3rd place- Choreography

  • 2018 Black Girls Global Exchange mission trip - SOWETO, Africa Choreography 

  • Blessin Giraldo SYTYCD live performance 2017 - Partial Choreography 

  • Essence Festival 2017 - Choreography 

  • Vogue Magazine Photo Shoot; August Dance Issue 2017- Dance Creative Director 

  • Vogue Magazine Video Shoot- Creative director- Choreography

  • Self Magazine video shoot choreography; August Dance issue 

  • So you think you can dance season 14 episode 

  • Makers Women Conference 2018- participation-Choreography

  • 2019 MTV Kids Choice Awards 

  • 2020 Apple TV's Swagger 

  • 2021 CBS the Activist

  • CIAA 2022 

  • Preakness Baltimore 2022 

  • AFFRAM Baltimore 2022

  • The Historic 63rd Maryland State Governor's Inauguration ceremony 2023

Accolades & Accomplishments

Director of College Counseling Paula Dofat, Alumnae Support Lydia Weiss, Nancy Utley Co-President of Fox Searchlight, Director of STEP Amanda Lipitz, Lethal Ladies Step Team, Coach G and Associate Producer of STEP Loucia Hamilton photographed with Former First Lady Michelle Obama and NYC college signing day

Photo with Director of Step the movie Amanda Lipitz cast of Step and CEO of Vulcan Bill Hilf

Student dancers from Cottonwood High School just finishing a STEP certification class with Coach G

Coach G teaching a community STEP class at the Delta Community Center in Baltimore, MD

Coach G holding first place check for a step competition in Maryland

Coach G with Xinos Step Team” from Hillside High School in Hillside, New Jersey at Montclair Film Festival briefly after team consultation for the upcoming year

A word on impact


"As a founding member of the lethal ladies step team, STEP has always been a major part of my life since 6th grade. It has made me a better leader encourage me to work hard, taught me how to collaborate with a team and be more confident. I have always used step as a coping mechanism which is why it holds such an important space in my life today. 

When we met Coach G she wasn't like any other coach we had in the past. Coach G was faced with some of the same obstacles that we were faced with. She was relatable to us as a group. Coach G took the time to build with each of us individually. She is so inspiring because she never gave up on us even when we were being unproductive and stubborn. Although we were already trained steppers and 
we already established a sisterhood having been together since 6th grade. Coach G

challenged us with team building exercises that made us even closer. In my senior year we had a very successful season and Coach G is  responsible for getting us there. Her fearlessness and humility lead us to our best season as high school steppers. We learn to be humble in all our accomplishments by watching her. 

Though step was how we connected Coach G and I would often do things academically and socially that would help me . I recall her checking on me several times when I left for college and giving me solid advice once I decided to transfer. As the Captain of the step team my senior year she was a mentor to me, she was also very compassionate about our home life and other activities that I was apart of. As one of my mentors and role models I look to her for advice in so many different areas. She guides me to always challenge myself and to do everything with integrity.  She has made personal sacrifices for not only myself and the team but also students at the high school I attended. One day I hope that I can make a difference in someone's life as she has made in mine. 

Thank you Coach for your endless love, encouragement, and sacrifices. #ImWithCoachG"

Tyrina Sneed
Towson University, M.S. Occupational Therapy '22
Stepper 2009-2016


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