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5 Pillars of Success

Coach G Academy, Inc. partnered with 

the American Heart Association in the GO RED for women campaign 

Coach G

Coach G Academy, Inc.

has a variety of programming options to support you or your child or organization's model. Don't see anything that matches your needs? Worry Not! Visit our contact tab and send us an email for a more tailored approach. We focus on the WHOLE child model and ground our programming using our 5 Pillars of Success as a guide. 

Coach G Academy, Inc.  WHOLElistic model seeks to promote and reinforce the following values: 

    Physical & Mental Health      Education    Workforce Training      Community Service          Life Skills

Self Esteem

Physical and Mental Health: 

Physical and Mental health builds self esteem by contributing to a persons overall self image. Youth benefit from physical activity by improving cardio respiratory fitness, building strong bones, strong muscles, and reduce the risk of developing health conditions such as diabetes and heart disease. A desired outcome is to promote healthy lifestyles and decrease the statistics of health problems.By providing this programming we seek to engage member in:


Woman's Health 

Mind Body and Spirit 

Healthy Habits 



Education is not just about reading or writing. It also includes emotional support and self esteem building. Education teaches children discipline and responsibility. Making advantages in life by utilizing knowledge for growth. A desired outcome is 100 percent college acceptance. In order to do so we seek yo instill:

Study Hall

2.0 GPA Requirements

College Tours 

Academic Planning and workshops

Time Management


Workforce Training

Workforce Training is necessary to  based on a common interest, standards, and objectives. The combined action of stepping specifically in a group allows for each individual to collaborate. iInterpersonal skills, problem-solving, and good behavior as well as become a team player. A desired outcome is to finish the program career ready. In doing so we seek to enhance:


Develop Interpersonal skills 

Entrepreneurship Panels

Career Surveys 

Youth Works Partnership

Career Based Mentors 

Step Is Life

Community Service

Service learning and community service provides youth with opportunities to develop civic engagement skills. By working with community members, students can enhance their leadership, group and organizational skills. Develop the importance of working in diverse communities. A desired outcome is 150 hours of community service/service learning hours. While participating in community service we seek to also promote:

Enhance Communication and Advocacy

Constructive Peer Interactions


Team Work 

40 hours a year in Service opportunities 

Life Skills 

The development of life skills helps youth to find new ways of thinking and problem solving. They are also able to recognize the impact of their actions. Learning life skills allows versatility, responsibility and builds confidence. A desired outcome is to produce productive citizens. In order to do so we seek to inform members of:


Conflict Resolution  

Financial Literacy 

Healthy Relationships

Restorative Circles


Coach G teaching a STEP class for the employees of Vulcan Productions in Seattle Washington. 

Step helped me by introducing me to a group of lifetime friends. Step has also challenged my social skills I have learned how to work in a group. Creatively, step has encouraged me to step outside of my comfort zone. I express myself creatively with my entire body which gives me confidence to express myself in real life situations. I am able to use skills I have used gained through step in real life. 


Amanda Leanard 

Lethal Lady 2009-2017

Industrial Engineer Major 

Morgan State University 

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