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What We Do

WHOLElistic Approach

 Our WHOLEllistic approach refers to The Whole Child approach to mentoring. Which supports and nurtures all areas of youth development. This powerful strategy increases individual student skills and opportunities for success. 

We use 5 pillars to ground our "Wholistic" approach to mentoring 
Physical & Mental Health   Education  Training   Service   Life skills

Some of these measurable outcomes include:
            Physical and Mental Health            Mind Body and Spirit 
            Education                                       College readiness 
            Workforce Training                          Career Readiness  
            Community Service                        150 service hours 
            Life Skills                                         Non-traditional education

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What we do

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In the world that we live in today our youth are faced with significant barriers to educational achievement. These barriers plague our youth with lack of hope and bias. There is a disconnect with policy makers, our educators, and students. Studies have proven how mentoring, after school programs, arts and extra curricular activities have made a major impact on educational advancement and success.  Addressing these problems are essential as it will lead to closing the achievement gap and producing adults that are better prepared to work professionally. Our model of teaching life skills through step attends to the whole child

We meet each member where she is in talent, academically, and socially. Academics comes first, there is an academic requirement to hit the stage. We stress education inside and outside of the classroom. Reinforcing the skills necessary to be successful, teaching students how to balance education and extracurricular activities by providing study skills training and allotting time for them to study effectively. Our 5 Pillars of Success are what supports our WHOLElistic approach. Physical and Mental Health, Education, Workforce Training, Community Service, and Life skills. We customize our program so that it can be most effective for each person. This is why ........STEP IS LIFE. 

Step helped me bring out my artistic attributes that I never knew I had. It helped me become more active and accountable for my physical health. The sisterhood that was formed as the newest member on the team was therapeutic I enhanced my conflict resolution skills. Being a part of a team is something that I am very proud of and will have for life. Step also gives me the confidence to express who I am because step challenges me. I have always been a leader scholastically, I was also apart of the Student Government Association step helped build my leadership. I am currently a student, mentor, and business owner. 


Tamar Dennis Step Member 2015-2018 

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